Granite Counters and Back Splash


Granite has a rich, earthy elegance that’s difficult to contend with in terms of aesthetics. With its unique granular appearance, a granite counter top or backsplash can be a room’s focal point. A durable material that’s relatively easy to maintain, granite is also practical.

Tough though it is, granite isn’t impervious to damage. Call us for deep cleaning, polishing, sealing, and chip repair.

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Quality Stone Restoration’s Granite services include:

Protective Sealing

Professional Cleaning
Chip Repair​​

Granite Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing, and Chip Repair Services

Granite Polishing

Few things are more aesthetically pleasing than polished granite. Our polishing solutions are safe and leave no residue. Our polishing services will leave your granite beautiful and mirror-like reflective. We’re very proud of our past work in granite polishing. Please check out our photographs to see what we’ve done for granite in other San Diego homes and businesses.

Protective Sealing of Granite

Granite should be re-sealed once per year to ensure the highest level of protection. If a sealer isn’t present, staining is more likely to occur. Many different sealers can be found on the market. We prefer impregnating sealers over topical sealers. Impregnating sealers don’t just rest on top of granite; they absorb into the stone, giving added protection. Our technicians can ensure a proper and even application of protective sealer so that your granite is protected as thoroughly as possible and stays looking great.

Professional Cleaning of Granite

Granite is a wonderfully practical stone, but it can effectively hide dirt and soil. If regular household cleaners aren’t getting the job done, we can remove stubborn dirt and soil with our deep cleaning services. The solutions we use are safe. Our skilled technicians and tools ensure a proper and thorough cleaning. You will be delighted with the results.

Chip and Crack Repair of Granite

Granite is a hard material, but it can sustain cracks and chips. Small pieces can come away from the stone, or large segments can break off entirely. We can repair these chips and cracks. Give us a call to see how we can repair your granite so that it looks better.