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Quality Stone Restoration offers full restoration and deep cleaning of limestone counters and floors.  Our services include honing, polishing, professional cleaning, restoration, scratch removal, wear removal, color enhancement, chip repair, and lippage removal.  For great results and exceptional service, call Quality Stone Restoration!

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Quality Stone Restoration’s limestone services include:



Wear Removal

Protective Sealing

Professional Cleaning

Color Enhancement

Chip Repair

Scratch Removal

Lippage Removal

Full Restoration Services

Full Restoration Services of Limestone

Dull and damaged limestone can be a blight on an otherwise exquisite room. Etching describes dull areas, which typically occur as the result of acidic cleaners coming into contact with the limestone. These issues are easily rectified. Our professional restoration process creates uniformity across limestone surfaces, removing dull spots and repairing damaged areas until the limestone looks beautiful and whole again. With our specialized equipment, we can hone out scratches, fill cracks, reattach chipped limestone, and eliminate the effects of damage.

Limestone Polishing

Our stone restoration technicians will polish your limestone to a finish that will have heads turning. Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss finish or a more subdued low-gloss finish, we can deliver what you desire.

Limestone Honing

Do you want polish removed from your limestone? Matte limestone is a fantastic look, and our stone care professionals can achieve it for you. Honing is the process by which shine is removed from stone. We can accomplish this with machines designed specifically for the job. We can remove excess shine partially or entirely, depending on your wishes.

Wear Removal of Limestone

Limestone is susceptible to the same wear and tear of other natural stone. After regular use, you may start to notice dull areas in your limestone. No amount of household cleaners will remove this dulling; it requires restoration. Using diamond abrasives, we can fix your dulled limestone, ultimately making it look consistent with the attractive undamaged stone that surrounds it.

Protective Sealing of Limestone

For your annual protective sealing services, choose Quality Stone Restoration. We use impregnating, industry-grade sealers to ensure that your limestone benefits from the best protection possible. Our stone care technicians can professionally apply the sealer evenly and correctly so that your limestone gains the full protection of the sealer and stays looking beautiful.

Professional Cleaning of Limestone

If your limestone surfaces are heavily soiled, our deep cleaning services can handle it. Our cleaning solutions, which are safe and effective, clear away dirt, soil, and debris, leaving your limestone reinvigorated. Once cleaned, an impregnating sealer can be applied to the surface to help protect it against staining and make everyday cleaning easier.

Color Enhancement of Limestone

If your limestone is honed, we can change its hue through color enhancers. This procedure imbues the stone with a richness, deepening its existing color. Our solutions protect against water based staining, and U.V. light won’t cause yellowing over time. The formula we use is made for sensitive stone and produces beautiful results.

Scratch Removal of Limestone

Did someone drag a sofa across your limestone floor? Did heavy furniture shift over your limestone during an earthquake? These sorts of events are what cause scratches in limestone. Unfortunately, scratches can’t be cleaned out; they need to be honed down, then polished back up. Our stone restoration professionals can make scratches vanish completely. Using diamond pad abrasives, we level out the limestone floor until the scratches are removed.


Chip and Crack Repair of Limestone

A sensitive stone, limestone is inclined to crack and chip on occasion. Heavy items falling onto the stone can cause these cracks and chips to occur. Our technicians can reattach chipped limestone and fill any cracks that have appeared.

Lippage Removal of Limestone / Smoothing of Uneven Tiles

If one of your limestone tiles sits noticeably higher than its neighboring tile, your limestone has lippage. Mild lippage is generally not a problem. Severe and moderate lippage can pose issues, though, from being an eyesore to causing stubbed toes and falls. We can remove lippage. Using our heavy duty machinery, our stone care technicians can make lippage disappear entirely. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.