lippage marble

Lippage Removal /
Uneven Tiles

When tiles are uneven, some tiles sitting higher than adjacent tiles, it’s called lippage. Lippage almost always occurs to some degree when tiles are first installed. Mild lippage isn’t generally a problem. But moderate and severe lippage can turn an otherwise stunning floor into an eyesore. Severe lippage can also be a hazard. People, especially small children, can stub toes and trip over jutting tiles.


Quality Stone Restoration can remove lippage entirely, making your stone floor smooth and even. Shine will be consistent and unbroken across the surface. Your floor will look attractive and inviting.


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Why Quality Stone Restoration

Experience, Education, and Equipment

Using our heavy duty machines equipped with metal diamond pucks, we’re able to grind down lippage until tiles are level with one another.

Our technicians have years of training in stone care and correcting bad tile installations. Their expertise combined with our tools and machines ensure that your lippage removal will be done right.

Once we’ve smoothed out your floors, that’s the perfect time to have them cleaned and polished if desired. We arrive on-site prepared with cleaning and polishing tools.

Quality, Reliability, Integrity

We are based in Rancho Bernardo of San Diego. We’re not a middle man or a franchise, and we don’t subcontract our projects.

All estimates are free. Even so, we know your time is valuable. Our technicians arrive to estimates and jobs on schedule, at a time convenient for you.

Protecting your home and valuables is of the utmost importance to us. We use coverings and other safeguards to protect your valuables and house against damage while we work. If we accidentally damage your home or your possessions, we will take full responsibility.

Your satisfaction matters to us. If you’re not happy with your lippage removal, let us know. We’ll re-do the project until you’re satisfied.