Quality Stone Restoration of San Diego offers full restoration and cleaning services for all marble types.  We specialize in counters and flooring. Our services include honing, polishing, professional cleaning, restoration, scratch removal, wear removal, color enhancement, chip repair, and lippage removal.

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Quality Stone Restoration’s marble services include:



Wear Removal

Protective Sealing

Professional Cleaning

Color Enhancement

Chip Repair

Scratch Removal

Lippage Removal

Full Restoration Services

Full Restoration Services of Marble

Marble requires care and regular maintenance. Acidic foods and cleaners will etch the surface, creating dull areas on the polished stone. Sliding furniture across these surfaces can cause scratches. These etch marks and scratches cannot be cleaned out. Quality Stone Restoration’s procedure addresses etches, scratches, cracks, and other blemishes in marble. We can perform a full restoration to remove these damages completely, providing a like-new finish.

Wear Removal of Marble

Over time, marble counters, floors, and walls can sustain damage from regular use. If you’ve noticed dull areas in your marble, give Quality Stone Restoration a call. We can restore worn marble to its original look, bring back shine, and make those high-traffic areas consistent with the rest of your marble surface.

Scratch Removal of Marble

Marble is a sensitive stone that’s prone to scratches. We see a lot of scratches and etches in marble, and, for us, it’s no difficult task to remove these blemishes. With our restoration services, our professionals can hone down your marble, erasing any scratches and creating a smooth, even surface.

Marble Polishing

If you have marble that looks duller than you’d like, either in patches or the entire surface, we can make it shine. Our technique can yield a high-gloss or low-gloss finish, depending on your preference. We also hone marble, if you prefer a more matte look.

Marble Honing

Is your marble too shiny? Do you want it to have a more matte appearance? We can dial down the gloss through a process called honing. Our honing procedure can remove the shine partially or entirely from your marble surface, depending on your preference.

Protective Sealing of Marble

Marble should be professionally sealed every two years for optimum maintenance. We don’t advise leaving marble counters or floors unsealed. While no sealer is an impenetrable barrier, a quality sealer will buy you time when milk, coffee, or similar substances spill onto your marble surface. If a protective sealer is in place when these substances spill, instead of staining occurring instantly, you will have time to grab a towel and clean up the mess; the spill will be on the sealer, not directly on your marble.

Professional Cleaning of Marble

We offer deep cleaning services of marble at reasonable rates. Our professional grade cleaners clear away soil and debris, leaving your surfaces beautiful and free from harmful chemicals. It is recommend that marble is professionally cleaned once every two years or more frequently, depending on use. Once our cleaning procedure is finished, we can add an impregnating sealer to help protect against future soil and staining.

Color Enhancement of Marble

With Quality Stone Restoration’s color enhancement procedure, we can add depth and richness to the color of your marble. Our color enhancement provides protection against water and oil based staining, and will not fade under exposure from U.V. light. The formula used by Quality Stone Restoration professionals is designed to be used on sensitive stone and yields outstanding results that cannot be achieved with all-purpose solutions.

Chip Repair of Marble

Marble, which is a sensitive stone, can sometimes sustain chips or more severe damage. When heavy objects fall onto marble, entire segments of the stone can come off. Our technicians can reattach chipped marble. We can use filler product to replicate segments that have gone missing. We’ve done many chip repairs over the years, and our technicians were frequently able to reattach pieces seamlessly. Damaged marble can usually be made to look as good as new, often times better.

Lippage Removal of Marble

Lippage describes adjacent edges of tiles that are not level, one edge sitting higher than the adjoining edge. Lippage is, unfortunately, almost unavoidable with tile installation. Installation by a skilled tile setter will minimize lippage, but lippage will almost always occur to one degree or another. When lippage is severe or too noticeable for your tastes, Quality Stone Restoration can help. Using our industry grade tools, we can professionally even out your marble tiles, removing lippage entirely.