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If your onyx needs cleaning or restoration, our technicians have the tools and experience to do it right. Dulled or scratched onyx can be repaired. Damaged onyx can be fixed to look better than new. Every Quality Stone Restoration technician arrives on-site with an array of industry best machines and solutions so that your onyx surface’s specific needs can be addressed with the appropriate tools.

We service both residential and commercial accounts. All estimates are free.

Quality Stone Restoration’s Onyx services include:



Wear Removal

Protective Sealing

Professional Cleaning

Color Enhancement

Chip Repair

Scratch Removal

Lippage Removal

Full Restoration Services

Full Restoration Services of Onyx

Onyx is a translucent stone used to achieve a luminous, stratified or multi-layered look in counters and floors. The effect is stunning. Scratches, etching, and chips can detract from this look. If your onyx sustains damage or requires deep cleaning, Quality Stone Restoration can get it looking new again. We are based in San Diego and service all residents and businesses in San Diego and Orange County.

Wear Removal of Onyx

Are there dull areas in your onyx? Scratches on your counters? Signs of wear in onyx occur over time and with frequent use. Our technicians have been formally trained to address and treat issues found in onyx surfaces. We can repair dull and scratched areas to achieve a look that’s consistent with the rest of the surface. We can then polish or hone the entire onyx surface for a more, or less, glossy appearance, depending on your preference.

 Scratch Removal of Onyx

Has your onyx become scratched? We have the tools necessary to remove scratches from onyx without further damaging the multi-layered stone. Our technicians can professionally hone down your onyx, erasing all scratches and restoring the surface to its even and smooth original state.

Onyx Polishing

Quality Stone Restoration can polish your onyx to a mirror-like finish. Our polishing services achieve a high-gloss or low-gloss finish, whichever you prefer. We use only safe and industry best solutions to achieve the quality results our brand is known for.

Onyx Honing / Shine Removal

Is your onyx too reflective? Onyx can look amazing with a matte, or honed, finish. Our honing process removes the reflective shine from onyx so that the stone’s unique stratified look can be enjoyed in the absence of any glare. As with all of our services, we use only safe and industry best products and practices to achieve the quality results our clients have come to expect from us.

Protective Sealing of Onyx

Onyx is a sensitive stone and should be sealed regularly. We don’t advise leaving onyx unsealed or using topical sealers. Quality Stone Restoration technicians can professionally apply an impregnating sealer to your onyx, which will help defend the surface against erosion caused by spilled milk, coffee, and other substances that most people wouldn’t guess are acidic.

 Professional Cleaning of Onyx

Is your onyx heavily soiled? Our professional cleaning services remove deeply embedded soil and debris from stone surfaces. Our techniques will leave your onyx thoroughly cleaned and clear of any harsh chemicals. When we are finished, impregnating sealers can be applied to assist in the protection against future stains, soil, and damage.

Color Enhancement of Onyx

Our color enhancement procedure intensifies the colors of onyx, enhancing the stone’s natural richness and depth. Our technicians are professionally trained to treat and handle onyx. They arrive equipped with tools and machines specifically designed for use on the sensitive stone. Additionally, we use only solutions that are safe to use on onyx and that we know yield outstanding results.

Chip Repair of Onyx

Onyx can sometimes become chipped or damaged. The stone can sustain several small chips, and even entire segments can come away. Our skilled technicians have the tools and expertise to reattach chipped onyx. We can also use filler to create replacements for segments of onyx that have gone missing, reattaching the filler piece, often seamlessly.

Lippage Removal of Onyx and Smoothing Uneven Tiles

Are your onyx tiles uneven from one tile to the next? If so, your surface has lippage. Lippage is common in stone floors and often goes unnoticed.  But in some cases lippage can be severe. Our technicians have machines specifically designed to take down lippage. No matter the severity of lippage, we can remove it, creating smooth, even onyx floors and counters.