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Does your quartzite need to be deep cleaned, repaired, sealed, polished, or color enhanced? Quality Stone Restoration can help. Although quartzite is a very durable stone, it isn’t impervious to soil and stains. Our technicians use tools and solutions designed to repair and thoroughly clean quartzite counters, removing stains and soil that has been deeply ground into the stone.

We service both residential and commercial accounts. All estimates are free.

Quality Stone Restoration’s Quartzite services include:

Protective sealing

Professional Cleaning

Color Enhancement

Chip Repair

Protective Sealing of Quartzite

Quartzite is durable, but it’s not impervious to stains. For enhanced stain resistance, our technicians can apply impregnating sealers to your quartzite. The sealers we use are safe and effective, protecting quartzite surfaces for up to two years.

Deep Cleaning of Quartzite

Quartzite, like most stone surfaces, should be periodically deep cleaned by a professional. Quartzite should be professionally cleaned once every two years, give or take six months depending on how much traffic the surface typically experiences. Quality Stone Restoration technicians have the tools and products required to thoroughly clean quartzite floors and counters, removing soil and grit deeply embedded into the stone. Upon completion, impregnating sealers can be applied to help protect the surface and make everyday cleaning and maintenance easier.

Color Enhancement of Quartzite

If you’re looking to add vibrancy to your quartzite, our color enhancers can do the trick. Colored quartzite can be enhanced, its color deepened and enriched. Quality Stone Restoration’s technicians are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and tools required to apply color enhancer evenly across your quartzite surface, creating a stunning, vibrant look for your stone. Call us for a free estimate and consultation to discuss options for your quartzite.

Chip Repair of Quartzite

Though quartzite is robust, it can be chipped. Segments can break off. If this has happened to your quartzite, reattachment is possible. Give us call for a free estimate, and we’ll see what we can do.

Caring for Quartzite

Quartzite is a non-porous stone. As such, quartzite is easier to maintain than most stone surfaces: bacteria and dirt have no “hiding places” in quartzite stone. Regularly sweep and mop your quartzite floors. Wipe down quartzite counters with a damp cloth and dry. As with any stone floor, it’s recommended that quartzite be professionally deep cleaned and annually.