Saltillo Floor


Saltillo, a very popular type of Mexican Paver, is frequently used in Southern California homes and businesses to create a southwestern ambiance. Deep cleaning, re-coating, and treatment of saltillo tiles should always be done by a professional trained specifically in the handling of saltillo. Saltillo tiles can be very old, ranging from decades to centuries, and can be damaged irreparably if not handled correctly. At Quality Stone Restoration, we have technicians who are experienced in the cleaning and treatment of saltillo. We can ensure your tiles will be addressed with the proper tools, products, and expertise.

Quality Stone Restoration’s Saltillo services include:

Professional Deep Cleaning

Protective Coating and Re-coating

Stripping and Finishing

Professional Deep Cleaning of Satillo

Deep cleaning of saltillo should always be handled by a professional trained in saltillo care. Our saltillo deep cleaning procedure involves carefully stripping away the protective topical sealer that’s been applied, removing damage and soil with it. This is an intensive and painstaking process, done small section by small section, to avoid efflorescence, which can be a big problem if it occurs. Our technicians know how to avoid causing efflorescence and are equipped with agents to immediately remove efflorescence should it occur.

Protective Coating and Re-Coating of Saltillo

Saltillo pavers generally require a good topical sealer to sustain scratches and other damage. We can professionally coat or re-coat your saltillo, providing a protective layer across the saltillo’s surface. While we prefer and promote impregnating sealers for stone (marble, granite, etc.), saltillo tile is different and requires specialized sealer. The topical sealer we use is both safe and effective. Our application process does not cause efflorescence and will maintain the integrity of the saltillo.

Stripping and Finishing of Saltillo

Stripping of saltillo requires a great amount of care and expertise. Saltillo can become damaged if stripped incorrectly or too slowly. We have specialized tools and agents that we use to strip sealers and other coatings away from saltillo surfaces. We then finish our process with a re-coating of a protective, professional-grade topical sealer to bear scratches and stains that would otherwise be sustained by the saltillo itself.