Slate floor


Slate is an unobtrusively stylish stone used in flooring, often in upscale homes and businesses. A very durable material, slate can withstand a lot. It doesn’t chip or crack nearly as easily or frequently as marble or granite.¬† Like any material, slate does require everyday cleaning and regular maintenance. Every now and then, it should be deep cleaned. If desired, it can be sealed and color enhancement can be applied.

Quality Stone Restoration’s Slate services include:

Protective Sealing

Professional Deep Cleaning

Color Enhancement


Professional Deep Cleaning of Slate Tile and Grout

If your slate becomes stained or soiled and can’t be cleaned by normal household products, give Quality Stone Restoration a call. Our cleaners are safe, effective, and designed for use on natural stone. We have tools and machines that thoroughly cleanse slate tile and grout, removing soil and stubborn stains. Afterward, we can apply sealers to help provide extra protection against future soil and staining.

Protective Sealing of Slate

Do you want slate that’s easier to clean and maintain? Having a sealer professionally applied can achieve wonders. At Quality Stone Restoration, we use impregnating sealers, which, unlike topical sealers, absorb into slate, protecting the stone from within. A topical sealer must be stripped prior to any deep cleaning; an impregnating sealer doesn’t. We recommend getting your slate surfaces sealed annually.

Color Enhancement of Slate

Do you want deeper, richer coloring in your slate tiles? That can be achieved through color enhancement. Our technicians are formally trained to treat slate, which, unlike the more commonly used natural stones, such as marble and granite, can be tricky to handle. The products we use are safe and effective on slate. Our floor machines ensure an even application of the color enhancer and produce exceptional results.

Stripping of Slate

Has a topical sealer been applied to your slate floor? Has a dull or waxy buildup appeared? We can remove it through a process called stripping. If a slate floor is to be thoroughly deep cleaned, it will require stripping of any topical sealer. Our process involves applying professional grade stripper one section at a time, letting it dwell, agitating it, then rinsing it. We have tools and machines that we use specifically for this process, and specifically on slate, which is unique among natural stone. Our skilled technicians are formally trained and equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly strip slate without damaging the stone.